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Sky Yoo

Company Commander

CDT Yoo is a computer science major and english and creative writing minor. She attended Basic Camp Cadet Summer Training, participated in color guard, and manages this website. She is proficient in Korean and studied Spanish. She likes playing violin, ran a trail marathon, and pseudonymously published a few novels. She aims to branch into cyber, intelligence, or air defense artillery.

RSO President & Primary Contact:



Miton Leonn

Platoon Leader

BA Classical Studies, BA Fundamentals; Color Guard, Bible Study.


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Ed Schmeltzer

Platoon Sergeant

Hi-I am Cadet Ed Schmeltzer. I am a Political Science major, with a focus on international relations. I’ve been a member of ROTC since the beginning of my second year. Throughout my time in the program I’ve gone to Basic Camp in the summer of 2019, and have been in Team Leader, Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant positions. For my free time, I write for the school’s food magazine, BITE, and am a regional analyst for the UChicago International Relations RSO. I also like to read fiction and write for personal projects in my spare time, as well as keeping my cooking skills sharp!


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Emily Miller

Squad Leader

I'm a 3rd year political science & near eastern languages and civilizations double major. On campus, I work for Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST) researching suicide terrorism and am a member of AOII. I've studied 3 languages besides English: Arabic, Persian, and Spanish, and I hope to branch Military Intelligence so I can use my language skills in the Army.


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Nathan Kim

Squad Leader

CDT Nathan Kim is an Economics and Philosophy double major. With ROTC, he has been a Platoon Leader, c/NCOIC for the Color Guard, Company Public Affairs Officer, and c/OIC for the annual Military Ball. On campus he is the President of Maroon TV, on the board of Maroon Veterans Alliance, as well as being a part of Fire Escape Films and Doc Films. He is currently an intern at Kartemquin Films and actively pursues a career in filmmaking, specifically writing and directing.



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